What do I need to provide for you to build my Website?

We can build your website only if you provide us with all the content that you want to have on your website.
You have to do this part, since its your website and only you know what you want to tell the world about you, your services or products.

So what will you need to do first?

  • First you will need to select a design from our list of designs
  • Checkout the design possibilities and layouts by opening the design details and click on the design demo page
  • Create a list of pages that you would like your website to have

So what happens after that?

Well here is a simple list:

You can either make your own logo or we can make one for you.
Included in the package price is a simple text logo, if you like a more advanced logo please contact us, we will give you all the required information depending on what you like.

Content for the header, footer, sidebar and all other places that require your information.

Content for every page that you want us to setup
Your website will probably have pages like, about us, contact us, product or service information etc ..
So in order for us to setup those pages, we will need all the content for them, including contact information, street addresses, phone numbers, emails, texts, images, videos and any other media

It would be nice if you can make a simple word document for us for every page together with the texts, layout , images, videos and other content so that we can set it up for you the way you like it.

If you need help on this part, please contact us, we will be glad to help.